Sir Wind

My ears pulled a story,
  An unwilling gift from Sir Wind,
Taking it from him before he
  Could reconsider telling it again.

The Wind (we'll consider him our hero)
  Crashed about the countryside,
When he felt a twinge of sorrow,
  Upon seeing that the grass had blackened and died.

Sadness blew away and wonder filled its place,
  His heart changing direction and force.
All it took was one glimpse of her face
  To push his feelings along a warmer course.

Lady Fire danced across the plain,
  The regal black carpet trailing behind.
Past her soft footsteps only it will remain.
  Her nature chaotic, though fully refined.

Her sheer orange dress dazzled his sight,
  As he enveloped himself in scents rising above.
He marveled at the shadows cast by her light.
  Sir Wind, it seems, had fallen in love.

The noble Wind could resist no more,
  He swayed his nerve and down he flew.
With his lightest breath, he touched her core.
  This warmed her heart and his hopes grew.

The lady brightened at the wind's gentle touch,
  Uplifted, he embraced her with loving air...
But those sudden gusts proved way too much,
  She gave a sharp gasp and was no longer there.

The world's air stilled as Wind fought not to believe
  That his newfound heart had ceased to burn.
He had caused his true love to leave,
  And he knew she would never return.

And now you have all the pieces,
  Of Sir Wind's sad tale.
The moral: Often heartfelt breezes
  Achieve much more than the strongest gale.